Where can I buy a gift card?
Our gift cards can be purchased online. The entire process is easy and you can complete your transaction in only a couple of clicks.
You can buy our gift cards online using a valid credit card from MasterCard or Visa.

What can I spend my Gift card on?
The gift card can be used to pay for accommodation charges and any other services available like Restaurant meals, to rent bikes, paddle surf…

In what amounts are gift cards available?
Our gift cards are available from 50 to 200 euros.

Do Gift Cards have an expiration date?
Yes, Gift cards are valid until October 2023

How is the Gift card delivered?
The Gift card will be delivered to the email address indicated in the order.

How can the Gift card be redeemed?
You can redeem our gift card by presenting an email print-out or a snapshot of the voucher, together with an ID.

Does the full value of the Gift card have to be redeemed at once?
No, if the cost of the services is lower than the Gift card value, the remaining balance can be used at a later stage. This means you can pay for everything and then save the balance for your next adventure.

Can Gift cards be exchanged for cash?
No, Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash


Is the bed linen included on the price of the bungalow?
The bed linen is included on the price of the bungalow.

Are pets allowed?
No. Animals are not allowed at the Bungalows.

How are the bungalows equipped ?
All our bungalows are fully equipped with all the basic utensils of a kitchen such as pans, pots, covers, glasses, and a coffee machine non-electrical. Contain a Microwave and TV.

Can I put a tent next to the bungalow?
it is not allowed to place tents on the grass next to the bungalows.

How often can we change the sheets?
Once a week.

How many people allowed to occupy the Bungalows?
There is a maximum of 5 people per Bungalow. There are two bedrooms: one with a double bed and one with 3 single beds.

Can we have barbeques on the campsite?
Yes, you are allowed to use disposable barbeques.

Is it posible to rent a refridgerator ?
Yes, the campsite has the renting service for refridgerators at the reception.

How can I pay if my credit card does not work?
It is also possible to make a transference to our bank account. Just let us know if you have any problems with the payment.


How far is the beach?
50 meters.
How far is the center of Canet de Mar?
500 mts.
How far is the center of Barcelona?
40 Km.
How far is Barcelona Airport?
64 Km.
How far is Girona Airport?
48 Km.
How far is the Train station?
600 mts.