There are several options to get to Barcelona from the campsite:

–         The first option is by Bus. Camping Globo Rojo in collaboration with Barcelona Bus company offer to our guests a daily bus service from the campsite to the centre of Barcelona. The Bus is equipped with air conditioning and free wifi.

“ Barcelona Bus” . The stop is at the campsite entrance. The Bus service runs twice a day. The Bus will take you to Barcelona city center Pl. Catalunya.- The trip is about 40 minutes. Therefore, there is a daily Bus service from the campsite to the train station every hour.

There is also a Night Bus(N-82) service(go/return) to Barcelona starting at midnight and going every hour to Barcelona centre in Pl. Catalunya and same to return to Canet de Mar .- The Bus stop is at the campsite entrance.

-The second option is by Train. Train station is located at 600 mts from the campsite, 10 minutes’ walk, in our village, Canet de Mar, and there are trains every 15-20 minutes to Barcelona Centre (Pl. Catalunya, main train station). The trip is about 45 minutes. The ticket costs around 7 euros go/return per person. To return, you have to take the train that goes to Calella or Blanes. Both trains stop in Canet de Mar. The last train to return is at 22.30h departing from Barcelona Pl. Catalunya.

The third option is by an organized city tour departing from the campsite. Check our excursions here.- There are several options. We are sure you will find yours!