Water Sports Centre is a company devoted to all kinds of water sports. It is located 5km from the campsite.

It offers Camping Globo Rojo´s guests  the opportunity to have fun in the sea while practising water ports.

You can enjoy the following activities and benefit from a 15 % discount if you book through the campsite:


Jetskiing: A thrilling experience in the Mediterranean.

Length: 15 minutes
Price:  Single50€ / Double 55€ (-15%)

Length: 20minutes
Price:  Single60€ / Double 70€ (-15%)

Length: 30 minutes
Price:  Single75€ / Double 90€ (-15%)

Banana Bus:  You will ride on a funny air “banana” swept down by a launch. Don’t forget to keep your balance!

Length: 12 minutes
Price: 15 € (-15%)

Flyfish: You will sit down on a funny air bed swept down by a launch. An amazing and wild sea experience: fly and surf on the FlyFish!

Length: 12 minutes
Price: 20€   (-15%)

Slyder:  You will lie down on an inflatable device swept down by a launch.  . Absolutely exciting!

Length: 15 minutes
Price: 20€  (-15%)

Parasailing: Fly alone or with one or two friends to enjoy a sensational aerial view and relax flying over the sea.

Length: 12 minutes
Price:  Single50€ / Double 70€ (-15%)


Please ask at the reception for further information.